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Centrelink Age Pension Eligibility

Centrelink Age Pension Eligibility

Age Pension Eligibility for Older Australians The Age Pension is the [...]
Working After Retirement – is it Worth it?

Working After Retirement – is it Worth it?

The Benefits of Working Part-Time After Retiring Thinking of taking [...]
Top Tips to Grow Your Superannuation

Top Tips to Grow Your Superannuation

Grow Your Superannuation Before Retirement As retirement creeps up, [...]

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You are finally retired, or seriously thinking about retirement! No more waiting for work holidays and no more dragging yourself back to work after an exhausting vacation. It’s your time to enjoy your retirement. Australians are now living much longer, and the retirement community is forever growing. Considering that many people now enjoy a long retirement, planning your retirement becomes increasingly important.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about retirement. Health becomes a large focus for the ageing community, as does investment and money management. Many people perceive retirement as a time to travel and engage in projects that they have always wanted to do. The choices are endless with some good planning.


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Are you like many baby boomers whereby travel is on the top of the agenda when it comes to retirement planning? This new found freedom and unrestricted time gives you so much flexibility to organise a few vacations. With some clever budgeting, ticking these items such as travel off your bucket list is possible.

For other retirees fulfilling a bucket list is not such a priority. Finding your identity post-career by focusing on enhancing your physical and mental health could be a greater priority. This might include investing more time into social activities, spiritual growth and financial well-being.

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