Renae Diggles

September 1, 2022

Understanding Aged Care in Australia

Renae Diggles

September 1, 2022

Understanding aged care in Australia can be daunting. There is a lot to get your head around. At Retirement Now, we can help you to navigate a complex system to help you understand your options.

Aged care is caring for and supporting the health and well-being of the ageing, by assisting them with their care needs and care goals. Aged care in Australia offers a range of options to meet the care needs and care goals of people. There are aged care support services that can be provided at home. There are also aged care support services in the community, as well as in residential aged care facilities.

Receiving Aged Care Services & Keeping Your Independence

Many people continue to manage and maintain their independence when living at home. However, the time might come when you need a little bit of help with a few tasks in order to maintain your independent living status. In Australia, there are government-funded aged care services available, from basic help, to support for more complex needs to help you to stay living in your home for as long as possible.

Different Types of Government-Funded Aged Care Services

There are a variety of government-funded aged care services to support ageing Australians at different stages of their lives. These include the following:

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Home Care Packages

Residential Aged Care

Respite Care

Residential Respite Care

Transition Care

Short Term Restorative Care

Services for DVA Clients

Beginning Your Aged Care Support Journey

If you are thinking about accessing government-funded aged care services for yourself or a family member, here are some options to help you to get started:

Talk to Your Family & Friends

Firstly, talk with your family or support people about your concerns and your needs. Sometimes, people are not aware of what you’re experiencing, and by having a chat with them, they may be able to offer some support with tasks such as grocery shopping or taking you to your appointments.

For some older people, additional support is required, beyond what friends and family are able to help with. By sitting down and making a list, it will make it easier to discuss your concerns, and what you feel that you need additional support with. Have a think about your healthcare needs and your future goals when you’re making the list.

Get Help From Your Doctor

If you’re concerned that you’re not managing all of your tasks, and you’re concerned about your healthcare needs, consider making an appointment with your regular G.P. to discuss your options. Your doctor is a great first point of contact. They typically have your complete health history and can make a referral on your behalf to My Aged Care or to a geriatrician if needed.

What is My Aged Care

When you’re starting to look for assistance as you age, you will hear a lot about My Aged Care. They are an Australian government service created to assist ageing Australians and their families to access support and information regarding aged care in Australia. The service is the entry point to the aged care system in Australia. They arrange aged care assessments and provide the necessary information needed in order to access aged care services.

You can visit My Aged Care at or free call them on 1800 200 422.

Contacting My Aged Care

You don’t need a doctor or health professional to contact My Aged Care on your behalf. You’re able to contact them yourself to arrange an assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

If you would like a support person to be able to speak with My Aged Care on your behalf, you’ll need to give permission to My Aged Care for that person to be able to speak with them.

After submitting a referral for an assessment, either over the phone or online to My Aged Care, one of their people will call you to arrange an assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team.

Australian Government Funding For Aged Care Services

Once you’ve made a referral to My Aged Care for an aged care assessment, soon enough you’ll have an assessment with the ACAT. This assessment will determine your eligibility for government-funded aged care services in Australia.

For further information about Government-subsidised aged care services, navigate the Retirement Now Aged Care Page, or go to

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