Renae Diggles

July 9, 2021

Using Cash Rewards For Your Purchases

Renae Diggles

July 9, 2021

Getting Cash Back When You Shop! Online shopping is a rapidly growing industry on a global scale. We can now shop in the comfort of our living room, basically anywhere in the world. With shopping at our fingertips, we have to remember that the cost of living keeps going up and up, and retail is becoming more expensive. But, we’ve just discovered a way to earn money back on your purchases. Have you ever heard of cash rewards?

What are Cashrewards?

There are many cashback websites around at the moment. Cashrewards is one of them, leading the way in Australia with hundreds of participating retailers. Most of the retailers are based online, but you can get cash back on certain in-store purchases.

It works in the way that Cash rewards earn a commission through certain retailers. Once you’ve signed up to Cashrewards, if you make a purchase with their selected retailers, they earn a commission and share it with you as cashback. But it does require an extra step to regular online shopping.

How to Use Cashrewards

Firstly, you can click one of the images to go through to the website. There’ll be a button that says “Join Now For Free.” Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll be instructed to fill in some information.

You can then search through the lists of participating retailers and choose the store that you want to shop at. Some retailers offer a greater percentage of cashback than others. There are stores for everyone, including travel and holidays, as well as gift stores, retail & fashion, and so much more.

Next, you’ll start shopping and then checkout with the retailer as you normally would. Unfortunately, you don’t get the cashback straight away. It takes about 7 days to show up in your Cashrewards account, and sometimes 3 months to be available for withdrawal.

And there you have it. Cashrewards is one of many cashback businesses around, but it boasts about 1600 different merchants. This is why it is definitely worth looking into. And unlike most, they even offer some in-store cashback purchasing options. Sign up for Cashrewards and get paid for shopping!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission.

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