Renae Diggles

May 1, 2020

Cruise Tips and Advice For First Timers

Renae Diggles

May 1, 2020

Cruise Tips and Advice For First Timers: What You Need to Know

With more and more retired Australians travelling on cruise lines these days, there are definitely measures to put into place before you take off on your first sea adventure. Preparation is so important and there are many factors to consider. Read on for cruise tips and advice for first timers.

cruising tips and advice for first timers Sydney harbour bridge

Cruising Into International Waters

If you’re travelling into international waters, you actually need to make sure that you’ve got the supplies that you need. First and foremost, you must have a valid passport before you enter international waters. And some countries require visas before you can enter the country too.

Treating an international cruise the same as you would treat an international flight will help you to check off what you need. The same rules apply with passports and visas, and as you’ll have luggage and valuables with you, you’ll need to have the right travel insurance in place before you step onto the cruise ship. The Australian government won’t contribute to your medical expenses when you’re overseas.

Cashless Cruises

Always make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds before you leave for your cruise to cover all of your expenses. As most cruises are cashless, you don’t want to be left without any funds while you’re travelling.

Safety On Board

Unfortunately, crimes still get committed on cruise ships, and taking precautions to safeguard yourself and your belongings is just as important when your staying on a cruise ship. Keep your valuables, belongings and passport in a safe place, and take sensible precautions when you’re out having fun.

Your Health On Board

In the event that you have a health scare when you’re on a cruise ship, there are medical facilities available. In the case of an emergency or a health event beyond the scope of the ship’s medical staff and facilities, you’ll require treatment onshore when you get to the nearest port.

To reduce the risk of any health issues when cruising, be sure to have a health check with your G.P. beforehand. Make sure that you bring enough of your prescription medication to take with you, and that all of your vaccinations are up to date.

Choosing A Cabin

When you choose a cabin, aim for the middle of the ship. There’s much less sway there than on the higher levels. Anywhere on the ship will have some sway at times. If you suffer from sea-sickness, ask the doctor to prescribe you some anti-nausea medications before you leave.

When to Take a Cruise

Finally, remember that peak holiday time’s stand for long queues to board and disembark the ship, as well as busier restaurants, shows and everything really. Consider cruising at off-peak times.

You can explore the world on cruise ships with friends and family. It’s a great adventure.


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