Renae Diggles

October 12, 2020

Best Tips For Domestic travel in Australia

Renae Diggles

October 12, 2020

Domestic travel in Australia is preferable for many retirees. There are many reasons for this. Knowing that you’re only a short flight away from loved ones is reassuring if the unexpected happens. Besides, overseas flights become less appealing if you’ve travelled overseas frequently during your working life. Overseas travel is also challenging if you’re living with a chronic health condition. Additionally, travelling by air is not for everybody. Many people prefer a road trip or even caravanning. For other retirees, cruises are the ultimate way to holiday.

Insurance Policies for Travelling

Whatever your domestic travel preferences are, there’s still some important measures to put into place. As with any travel, insurances are something that must be considered when travelling through Australia. The unexpected can still happen. For example, what if your luggage gets stolen or your domestic flights get cancelled?

If you’re travelling by road, you’ll also also need to arrange additional insurances. Contact your car insurance company if you’re towing a boat or caravan. This will incur additional insurance premiums. Make sure that all of your belongings are adequately insured before you leave too.

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Essential Supplies for Travelling Within Australia

Australia is a vast landscape. There are some extra considerations if you’re going to travel domestically in Australia. Australian road trips are some of the best in the world, but the roads can be long. You’ll also pass through many unpopulated regions. Therefore, making sure that you have the right equipment is a must.

If you’re caravanning or travelling for long periods, make sure that you have enough emergency equipment. This includes items such as first aid kits. You’ll also want to carry reserves of water and food. This is essential if you’re travelling through remote areas. Also, be sure to carry a spare tire, oil and water. Finally, always be sure to have remote communication equipment with you, such as a satellite phone.

The Latest Domestic Travel Information

Whether it’s outback travel, roads less travelled, or city travel, have you covered. There’s even great information about beach travel, ski holidays (yes there is snow options in Australia), and travelling with purpose. Browse the articles below to get the latest advice, tips and ideas for domestic travel in your retirement years.

The best part about having everything in your own backyard is you can tick it off slowly. Why not write your own travel bucket list today?  

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