Renae Diggles

April 29, 2020

The Road From Port Douglas to Cairns

Renae Diggles

April 29, 2020

The Stunning Drive From Port Douglas to Cairns

For many retirees, travelling within Australian borders has a great deal of appeal. Tropical North Queensland is no exception, and should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. As the roads wind along the coastline, the view is absolutely magnificent. The Captain Cook Highway is truly a pathway to paradise, surrounded by rainforest to one side and sprawling beaches to the other. When you decide to take this short trip (if you haven’t already), take your time to stop and admire the scenery.  On a clear day, it’s possible that you’ll see a group of hang gliders going over too. This definitely isn’t a journey to rush.

Preparations for Your Road Trip

North Queensland is different from many other parts of Australia. As it’s a tropical climate, you’ll definitely need to prepare, by bringing insect repellant. The mosquitos are in high numbers so you’ll want to protect yourself at all times of the day. And it’s really warm in North Queensland with extreme UV ratings. Sunscreen is a necessity and broad-brimmed hats are too.

Port Douglas to Cairns a butterfly on a leaf

Places to Stop on Your Road Trip: Palm Cove

Situated between Port Douglas and Cairns, Palm Cove is a beautiful village with many accommodation and dining options. There’s also places to freshen up there at the local hair and beauty salons and enjoy some great shopping too. There are many tours that you can take from Palm Cove too, with shuttle buses transporting guests to the many attractions on offer.

Places to Stop At on Your Road Trip: Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is pristine and mostly untouched, and the beach itself has lines of palm trees. You can walk and walk along the soft, sandy beach that stretches for miles. Although it’s a quieter area with no high rise buildings, its still full of everything you’ll need, right at your fingertips. Although there aren’t many dining options, you can actually walk to Palm Cove where there are so many choices of restaurants.

Places to Stop At on Your Road Trip: Trinity Beach

The famous Trinity Beach is very picturesque. Furthermore, there’s a great lookout, but you’ll have to climb some stairs to get there. Also, if you feel like a swim on your trip, Trinity Beach has stinger-proof (safe from jellyfish) enclosures to swim in and there’s patrolled beaches with lifeguards. It’s definitely a peaceful part of the world, and it contains plenty of accommodation and dining options for the traveller.

With many transport options, anybody can enjoy the breathtaking journey from Port Douglas to Cairns. You can find out further information on holidaying in tropical north Queensland here.

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