Renae Diggles

April 29, 2020

Jobs For Retirees and the Semi-Retired

Renae Diggles

April 29, 2020

Australia’s ageing population means that there’ll be a shortage in the workforce soon. In the coming years, this is possible if older Australians don’t stay in the workforce for longer. There are more seniors becoming self-funded retirees and looking at supplementing income. So, there’ll be an increase in the age that people have to work. Others will look at options such as semi-retirement to manage financially. Exploring the jobs for retirees could give you some great ideas as well as peace of mind.

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With the increasing demand to work for longer, there are workplace improvements needed. Workplaces must look at ways to reduce age discrimination. They must also look towards catering to the ageing population. Many seniors will have to up-skill and go back to study to advance their careers. So universities and colleges must look at accommodating for seniors to learn. If you’re semi-retiring, here are some recommendations to guide you through your journey:

Lifelong Learning

Expanding your knowledge will create new opportunities for you in the workforce. It’ll also make you feel good. Mental health and self-worth are equally important in a forever evolving working environment. Workplaces always look for highly skilled individuals that are adaptable and well-rounded. Most of all, they look for willing learners.

There are many ways that seniors are able to improve their skillset. This will increase their job opportunities. These include short courses, university degrees, and diplomas. There are also education courses that are specific to seniors. Institutions including The University of the Third Age offer courses specific to seniors.

Great Jobs For Retirees and The Semi-Retired

In a time where ageism is rife, some industries are great at combating age discrimination. There are businesses that actually advertise to hire workers of all ages. This means that there are jobs for retirees in a variety of industries. Retail assistants and sales assistants often look for more experienced workers. Industry training and administration work are also areas where older Australians gain employment.

Employment Resources

There are some great resources out there for job seekers at all stages of life. Here’s a list of job-seeking options for you:

Stay at Your Workplace

Have a chat with your current employer. See if they’re willing to create a flexible arrangement for you to stay employed. That way you can stay on with the company while entering into semi-retirement.

Networking and LinkedIn

If you’ve never been on LinkedIn, it’s a great resource for people searching for job opportunities. You can connect with work colleagues, friends, and employment agencies. You can also connect with former work colleagues too. It provides a platform for you to reach out and let people know your skill set and what you’ll offer as an employee. Employers advertise jobs on LinkedIn too.

Employment Websites to Search Jobs For Retirees

There are several employment websites out there such as SEEK and Career One. These websites advertise available jobs. Your search can be as broad or specific as you’d like, and there are even extra services available. Such services include resumé writing and emailing new job leads.

Start Your Own Business:

You might want to continue working but don’t want to work for somebody else anymore. It could be that you want to sell goods, or start up a consultancy. Another idea you might have is to do contract/ temp work as a self-employed contractor. There are so many jobs for retirees who choose a start-up to supplement their income.

Your Unique Skill Set

Not all employers expect you to have degrees and PhDs. Many employers seek life skills as important as academic skills. Remember that by the time you’re mature age, you’ve budgeted, managed a home, & raised children. You’ve also cooked, cleaned, worked, time managed, listened, counselled, and the list goes on. Be proud of these skills and use them to your advantage when applying for a new job.

Contact Centrelink to Help Find Jobs For Retirees

Are you finding it difficult to navigate the internet when searching for employment? If so, consider popping into your local Centrelink office. Centrelink offers face-to-face support. They can provide you with information on several employment agencies too. Furthermore, they can help with Centrelink aged pension matters and other entitlements.

There are job opportunities to supplement income for retirees out there. Think creatively and think outside of the box. These are key to finding new opportunities to support you in the retirement years.

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