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Most people don’t think that they’ll get to 65 or so, and be talking about playing games. But hear us out. Games could be sporting games, brain games, or good old fashioned interactive games like playing cards.

Many seniors enjoy playing sporting games as they get older. This could be a game of golf, lawn bowls, croquet or darts.

Restful seniors playing cards in outdoor cafe at leisure

Others enjoy interactive games such as Mahjong, playing card games such as Canasta or Bridge, or participating in trivia game nights. These are great activities to partake in as they also encourage socialising.

From another angle, some of you will opt for a quieter retirement and might prefer your own company. If this is you, it could be too easy to lose yourself in daytime television. Think of some games that you could play to stimulate your mind. Whether it’s a card game of patience, a good cryptic crossword or a game of Sudoku, try hard to keep your mind exercised and stimulated. Games are a great way to do this.