Renae Diggles

October 13, 2020

Christmas 2020 Postage Dates for Christmas Delivery

Renae Diggles

October 13, 2020

As the festive season draws near, this year will be a little different than usual. With border closures, many of us will be sending gifts this year instead of giving them in person. Due to the anticipated demands, Australia Post wants to ensure that your letters and parcels are delivered on time for Christmas. As a response, they’ve set their domestic and international postage dates for Christmas delivery. They’re a little earlier than usual, but they want customers to know that the sooner they send their deliveries, the more likely they’ll arrive on time.

Australia Post said “We’re working hard to deliver your letters and parcels, but delivery for Christmas will take longer this year as we manage the impacts of COVID-19 and more parcels than ever before. Sending as early as possible, and by the dates advised following, means your letters and parcels will have the best chance of arriving in time for Christmas.”

Christmas gifts in Santa sack

Domestic Postage Dates in Australia

With a sigh of relief, Australia post has confirmed Christmas delivery within Australia. For parcel postage, the cut-off date is December 12, 2020. But rest assured that if the silly season gets the better of you, and last-minute shopping happens again, you can send express parcels as late as 19th December 2020.

Christmas Postage Dates to New Zealand

The international postage dates vary depending on which zone you’re sending gifts or cards to. For those who have loved ones in New Zealand (zone 1), you have until November 23 for economy delivery for parcels and cards. You have until the 27th of November for standard delivery which will cost a little extra. But if you leave it too late, you’ll be looking at express delivery which should get there on time if you post it prior to December 2. To avoid the extra costs of a courier or express postage, the message is to get in early.

Postage Dates for Overseas Christmas Delivery

For those of you who can’t see their friends and family this year due to international border closures, we’re sure that getting your gifts to them on time is important. The advice from Australia Post is to get in early. Start shopping now as most postage cut-off dates for Christmas delivery fall between November 9 and November 23.

There’s been a substantial increase in parcel and postage delivery this year. Australia Post wants their customers to know that time in customs is not included in their delivery time estimate. They advised that customs delays are outside of their control.

pre-order Christmas hampers

Receiving Packages From Abroad

As you would be aware, online shopping is an international activity. With some great online sales, your overseas parcels will likely take time to arrive in Australia as well.

Your online retailer should advise of expected delays in delivery times when you purchase your goods. If you’re buying Christmas gifts online, be sure to check the postage cut-off dates. This will ensure that you’ll receive those items before Christmas Day.

Finally, Australia Post advises that there are delays from most destinations across the globe. The overwhelming message is to start your Christmas shopping now if you want your items to arrive on time. Happy shopping!

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