Renae Diggles

March 11, 2020

“Outbreak kits” for Aged Care Facilities as Coronavirus Threat Continues

Renae Diggles

March 11, 2020

Protecting the Elderly

The aged care sector is on high alert after a 95-year-old woman died in a nursing home after coming into contact with an infected worker. Thousands of aged care homes find themselves preparing for a potential COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, the elderly and vulnerable are at high risk should they contract the virus. Outbreak kits need to be available to manage the spread of the virus and there’s currently a shortage of supplies. Aged Care Facilities are particularly impacted by this.

What’s In the Outbreak Kit?

At HammondCare aged care facility staff are ensuring that they are well stocked up on “outbreak kits”. This includes:

– Masks
– Disposable gowns
– Goggles
– Gloves
– Waste bags
– Hand disinfectant
– Information handbook
– And other sanitary items…

Signs are also up in the facility reminding staff and residents to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing and the use of masks are vital in halting the spread of droplet transmittable viruses. While there’s still much to learn, we know that COVID-19 is spreading through aged care facilities at rapid pace. Hence the need for plentiful amounts of personal protective equipment (PPE).

What are Hammond Care Doing to Prepare?

To read more about HammondCare’s “outbreak kit” read the full article: Aged care facilities preparing ‘outbreak kit’ coronavirus response as COVID-19 threat intensifies

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