Renae Diggles

January 1, 2021

Top New Year’s Resolutions in 2021 for Retirees

Renae Diggles

January 1, 2021

The start of the new year is a great time to reflect on how you’d like your year to flow. New year’s resolutions are often based on weight loss, healthy eating and planning a holiday. But with the world being thrown into upheaval, why not put a different spin on 2021 during the retirement years? Here are a few suggestions for new year’s resolutions in 2021.

Enjoy Your Long Lost Hobbies

Life gets busy, and nowadays we’re restricted by where we can go and what we’re able to do. Have you considered enjoying a favourite past time and taking in some relaxation time just for you? Why not consider taking up a hobby that you used to enjoy, that is relaxing and stress-free?  Remember, your retirement years are for you to enjoy the peace and quiet, doing as you please. It doesn’t matter what hobby you take up. It could be a new hobby such as knitting or painting. Or you might consider a weekly game of cards with neighbours in your community. Some people just enjoy tinkering in the shed with wood or pottering in the garden. For the more creative types, creating your latest masterpiece could interest you. Whatever the new year’s resolution is,  try choosing a stress-free activity that allows you to relax and switch off from life’s stresses for a while.

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Make Your Mind Active

While it seems easy to read a magazine or watch your favourite show on television, keeping your mind active at any age is important. A great new year’s resolution could be to read a certain number of books this year. Or you might like to learn a new skill by doing some online learning. It doesn’t matter what you decide on, but spending time each day to challenge your mind will not only make you feel better but will help to keep your mind active. It could be a daily crossword or an online search on the history of Tasmania. As long as it is something that allows you to keep your mind busy. It’s also a great time consumer, and when you’re limited due to COVID restrictions, finding ways to keep busy is important for your health and wellbeing.

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Technology is Your Friend

You’re never too old to stop learning.  Technology has come a long way to make life easier, and jumping onboard will open a world of opportunities for you. If you haven’t used the computer much and need a little help, there are so many resources available to help you get familiar with interacting online. Not only can you communicate with friends and family, but you can learn new skills, read the latest news, and look up just about anything that you want to know about. Whether you get the help from a family member or get a tutor to help you, learning how to engage online is an invaluable skill to take with you into 2021.


If you find that you have some free time, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. Volunteering is known to have health benefits. It keeps you socially active, builds your self-esteem and gives people a sense of purpose. Benefiting others with your time can alleviate stresses and have you feeling better too. Not all volunteering requires you to be active and out and about. It could be making dolls for children in the hospital or calling to chat with people who are socially isolated. There are many ways to donate your time to benefit yourself as well as others.

While there is a long list of new year’s resolutions that you can make in 2021, these are some suggestions for your year ahead. Remember to look after yourself and to stay healthy. Let’s all work together to make 2021 a better year.

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