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Home and garden

The retirement years offer time to enjoy experiences and new interests. Gardening is a favourite leisure pursuit for several retirees. It not only reduces the grocery bills, but it also adds appeal and value to your home.

Remember to build your garden fit for purpose. If you are planning to age in place, think about building a garden that will be easy to maintain if your health status changes. Alternatively, if you are planning to travel, consider building a garden that requires little to no effort. Or have a friend or family member that would enjoy looking after your garden while you’re travelling.

Keeping all of this in mind, let’s not forget that the health benefits associated with gardening are abundant:

Active Gardener

Firstly, gardening will keep you active. Furthermore, gardening can potentially improve your diet, if you are inclined to grow herbs and vegetables.

Gardening makes you feel good

Gardening makes you feel good, by getting outdoors and having an interest that stimulates the mind and body.  It gives people a sense of achievement and boosts your mood, and it keeps your mind active.

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