Renae Diggles

November 9, 2020

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks For an Odour Free Bathroom

Renae Diggles

November 9, 2020

We all love a clean bathroom, but sometimes you just can’t get the odour to leave no matter what you do. But with some extra touches, we’ll show you the best hacks to clean your bathroom and have it smelling amazing.

If you’re anything like our household, we always have visitors staying over and using our guest bathroom. I’m forever conscious about the bathroom looking good and smelling fresh. To do this, I use some great little cleaning tricks. The bonus is, that it doesn’t take you much extra time to do these bathroom cleaning hacks.

Choosing the Right Air Freshener

When you’re looking at freshening the air in your bathroom, some of those generic aerosol sprays from the supermarket can be ghastly. They often make your bathroom smell worse. Dusk room sprays do a wonderful job at freshening the air and awakening the senses. At our house, we prefer a floral scent in our bathrooms. But the dusk room sprays come in many different fragrances, and will no doubt be appealing to everyone. They’re still affordable and often have some great deals on offer. These room sprays are perfect for bathrooms and they’ll definitely be worth it, leaving your rooms smelling amazing.

Cleaning the Linen

We all love to do a big clean before the Christmas festivities start in Australia. You’ll want a moved lawn, clean barbeque, clean house and definitely a clean bathroom. To have your house smelling nice, you’ll want to wash all of those towels, cushions and blankets that have been sitting around, gathering a musty smell. There are many disinfectants and fabric washes that will leave the face flannels, towels and floor mats clean, fresh and free from bacteria.

Smelly Toilets and Toilet Brushes

For a smelly toilet, you can always use a standard bleach-based toilet cleaner. But for the in-between times, adding a toilet deodoriser will be just what you need. I also like to put a couple of drops on the toilet brush to get rid of any bad odours. You can find these deodorisers at various locations, such as a one-drop toilet deodoriser that has a fragrant, refreshing smell.

Clean the Windows and Curtains

We all know what a drag it is to clean the windows and curtains. But so much dust and dirt build-up over time, leaving an unpleasant appearance and smell in your bathroom. When you’re freshening up your bathroom, consider getting your curtains washed as a simple bathroom cleaning hack. And give the window(s) a clean while the curtains are down. It will be much easier with no curtain in the way. If you haven’t got time to get your curtains cleaned, give them a spray with a fabric deodoriser instead.


Dealing With the Rubbish Bin

Having a smaller rubbish bin in the bathroom means that you’ll empty it more often. When you consider how smelly some bathroom items can be, frequent bag changes are a must-do.

A great hack to make your bathroom smell great is to add a car air freshener to the rubbish bin. They usually come with a string that you can tie to the lid hinges or the top of the bag handle. The smell will last for a long time and you shouldn’t have to replace it too often.

Clean Out Your Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms are usually small rooms, with a lot of moisture and limited ventilation. Mouldy areas can build up in the bathroom, in places that you might not think of. With dark enclosed cupboards and moisture in the air, you’ll often get some mould in your bathroom cupboards. Bathroom cleaning hacks for your cupboards are simple but time-consuming. Firstly you’ll need to pull everything out. This gives you a chance to find the empty bottles that have been sitting in there for weeks anyway. But it also allows you to give the shelves a good wipe down with a mould cleaner. So that your bathroom doesn’t smell like bleach, you could follow by mixing some lavender or vanilla in water and giving it a spray, followed by a thorough wipe down. Make sure you get in under the sink and around the pipes too. These are areas where mould likes to sit. Be certain that the cupboards are thoroughly dry before you put anything back inside. This little hack will definitely have your bathroom smelling even better.

Ventilate Your Bathroom

While there are many bathroom cleaning hacks, ventilation would have to be the easiest way to keep your bathroom fresh. Use the exhaust fan when you shower, and open the windows and doors any chance that you get. Nothing smells better than fresh air. As mould seems to thrive in dark, moist areas, letting some light and fresh air in will help keep the mould away.

Clean the Toilet Often

The guest bathroom and toilet can go unused for periods of time, which can cause a bad odour if they go uncleaned. Unsightly dust will also build up. Cleaning the toilet, sink and shower at least once a week will get rid of the dust, and freshen up the room. Also, where the toilet seat joins can get really dirty. Every few months, actually take off the toilet seat and give those hard to reach spots a good clean. It’s fiddly to unscrew the lid, but your toilet will look and smell great afterwards.

Use Air Freshener Correctly

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to use oils and air fresheners. If you spray perfumed aerosols or scented water sprays into the air, they won’t last that long. The hack or trick is to spray perfumed air fresheners onto surfaces. That way the smell will sit on surfaces and smell fragrant for longer.

Clean the Exhaust Fans and Vents

If you haven’t worked it out already, I hate dust. A great place for dust and mould to sit is in the air vents. It’s easy to overlook the vents in the ceiling because we don’t tend to look up that often. But trust me that these little contraptions get filthy. Fortunately, exhaust fans usually have a cover that pops off easily. You can simply pop the cover off and give it a wash and dry, or grab a feather duster to remove any visible buildup.

Clean Your Drains

Drains can build up with hair and grime. Eventually, they will get smelly, and start to get clogged. Tipping some Drano or other unclogging gel down the drains will keep them clean and fresh smelling.

Wash the Walls and Tiles

Finally, when considering bathroom cleaning hacks to make your bathroom smell beautiful, never forget about the walls. Whether you have tiled walls or gyprock walls, giving them a wash down with sugar soap or another wall cleansing product, will leave them sparkling and get rid of any bacteria on the surfaces.

With these easy to follow cleaning hacks, your bathroom will smell amazing all year round, and you’ll never be embarrassed if you have guests who unexpectedly call in to visit.

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