Renae Diggles

November 25, 2019

Choosing New Swimwear For This Summer Season

Renae Diggles

November 25, 2019

Now that the retirement years are here or fast approaching, you’re probably planning that cruise of a lifetime or a holiday to the Bahamas. This means wearing resort wear and bathing suits. Selecting swimwear when you’re an ageing woman often feels daunting. Especially when designers seem to target the youthful, slender market.

Where to Look For New Swimwear

The seniors’ market is a growing market so it seems confusing that swimwear designers and retail outlets wouldn’t be focusing on that age group. But alas, this is the current climate and you have to work with what’s available. There are some outlets that stock a greater variety of swimwear to cater for more body types. You just have to shop around a bit harder.

How to Look Good and Feel Good in Your Swimwear

When bodies change through ageing and menopause, many women become sensitive about their body image. And even though many feel insecure, this doesn’t stop the urge to holiday at the beach and take a dip in the resort pool, or surf with our friends and loved ones. But rest assured that there are ways to help you get to the beach without feeling apprehensive.

Woman under umbrella wearing a hat and wrapAccessorising

Why not look at investing in one or two beach ensembles? By this we mean accessorising the swimsuit. Buy the wrap/ kimono, sunglasses, the hat, flip-flops and even some jewellery. You’ll look amazing and feel less shy as you’ll have the wrap and all that goes with it. This is often expensive, but you can mix and match the ensembles, and save on items like hats, sunglasses and jewellery.

Shop around for a swimsuit that is figure flattering. Black is always a slimming colour, but any solid colour will do. That way you can mix and match your accessories and colourful wraps or sarongs with it. This way you’ll be looking good and feeling fabulous all summer long.

We recommend that you actually try on a range of swimwear to find the right style for you. Remember that you’re beautiful at any age and you have just as much right to be out and about in your swimsuit as anybody else. Embrace your perfectly ageing body and enjoy your curves.

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