Renae Diggles

June 8, 2021

Short Hairstyles With Glasses for Women Over 50

Renae Diggles

June 8, 2021

We all know that when we get older, our bodies change. Skin loses its bounce, muscles start to shrink, and hair turns grey. Our senses aren’t what they used to be either. We can’t hear as well or see as we used to. Many of us need hearing aids and glasses to function as we once did. Adjusting to wearing glasses presents many struggles. It’s uncomfortable at times, and it changes our faces. Many people that had longer hair feel that it isn’t complimented any longer with glasses. Cutting the longer locks is often daunting. But, when you’re over 50, short hairstyles with glasses are both classy and flattering.

Your hairstyle should match your glasses, but your face shape is equally as important. Before you decide on a hairstyle, consider the glasses that will suit your face shape. Click here to find your face shape. Other matters to consider include your wardrobe, make-up, and lifestyle.

face shapes with short hair and glasses

Over 50 Short Hairstyles With Glasses

When you have short hair as you get older, your face and your glasses are on show. Short hair will attract a deal of attention to your glasses. Once you’ve worked out your face shape, and chosen glasses to compliment your face shape, you can look at different hairstyle options.

Versatile, Short Hair for Women Over 50

Short hairstyles are easy to manage, which is definitely part of the attraction as you get older. You have many styling options too. You can keep it messy, slick it back, or blow-dry it. But you will need to see your hairdresser more frequently.

senior corporate woman with glasses


Bob Haircuts

Our favorite is the short bob hairstyle as it seems to be timeless. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and suits thin, thick, and curly hair. With its blunt edges, it compliments your frames too. Short, sharp bobs go well with square glasses or round glasses. Also, you can go bold with your frame colors but try not to go with small frames as they can make your face look bigger.

woman grey bob haircut and glasses



Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts are typically really short all over. Some choose to have bangs for a little length at the front and like to keep some length around the crown too. But, as we’ve mentioned, really short hair will definitely draw attention to your face and glasses. Opt for smaller frames or wide frames with a pixie cut, as oversized frames just don’t go with this style.

senior woman grey hair and glasses


Messy, Shag Haircuts

Opting for a textured, messy style is flattering for most people. It gives the hair volume and looks great with bangs. Textured cuts also compliment short, curly hair. It makes all hair types easier to manage in the long run. Thinner framed glasses suit this hairstyle the best.

woman with curly hair and glasses

Women over 50 have many short hairstyle options to complement their face shape. With these recommended options, you’ll be sure to find the right hairstyle to go with your glasses.

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