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Do you love the movies? While you’ll no doubt do a lot more with your retirement than just watch movies, you might be a big movie buff, looking forward to having the time to enjoy a movie (or many) guilt free. You might even have friends or a partner that share your interest in the movies. Going to the movies definitely reduces isolation, and encourages your friendship connections. You could consider starting a movie club, or a community group that does a variety of activities including going to the movies on a regular basis.

Many retirees are on a stringent budget and going to the movies can be a luxury expense. Fortunately nowadays there are many cinemas that offer affordable movie deals. Keep an eye out for these deals. Sometimes a movie viewing costs the same as a cup of coffee.

There’s benefits in going to the movies if you can afford to do so and if you have the time. Movies can evoke emotions and feelings and stimulate empathy as well as giving you time to relax and zone out. You’ve probably not been able to do that for years. And let’s remember that movies help us to remember and reminisce, which is food for the soul.

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