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Rail and Coach Tours

Riding the rail lines or traveling via coach allows you to see the country from a whole different perspective. Not only is it often cheaper, but can also be more comfortable than air travel too.

Travelling by train

Train travel takes you through some beautiful sceneries, away from busy highways and the bustling cities. It’s also one of the more comfortable ways to travel, allowing you to move around freely. For example, if you’re taking a long rail trip, there’s often private sleeping quarters available, as well as lounges, restaurants, and even bars.

Whether it’s the rocky mountains of Canada, the Swiss Alps, or the great southern train journey of Australia, there’s great train travel options for everyone.

Red train on a bridge

If you’re travelling via train in Australia and you are an Australian pension card holder, you can receive pensioner rail entitlements, offering significant discounts. People in possession of a senior’s card will also be eligible for reductions in fares. Some states even offer a limited number of free train trips for pensioners.

Travelling by coach or bus

Travelling by bus is a more affordable way for senior retirees to travel. It’s also a great domestic travel option if you don’t drive any longer. With freedom and flexibility high on the agenda, more thoughtful itineraries are being designed to allow for this. Many coaches nowadays restrict the group size, allowing for more leg room. They are air-conditioned, have toilets on board and also offer free Wi-Fi services.

Bus near mountains

Choosing an escorted service might be the best option for you if you are completely unfamiliar with the region or don’t have time to plan ahead, but many tour companies offer flexible itineraries and therefore choices.

Traveling by rail and coach will allow freer exploration, and encounters with locals in local communities with hop-on, hop-off options.