Renae Diggles

August 11, 2021

How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Renae Diggles

August 11, 2021

My daughter is great at baking and at presenting. She made this amazing dessert charcuterie board in a matter of minutes. They’re so easy to put together and you’ll love the reactions of the crowd when you show up with a board like this. This new trend is a great way to serve your guests a variety of sweets and snacks.

You can add just about anything to these boards including pretzels, cookies, candy, nuts, and fresh fruit. Make sure that the foods are finger foods, that can be artfully arranged.

Making a Dessert Charcuterie Board

To make your board, you’ll need to have a pleasing serving board to place your ingredients onto. The key is to ensure that the board is not too big or too small. While you want to be able to fit everything onto it, you don’t want it to look sparse. These boards look best when foods are compacted onto them.

Start your board with large, anchor items such as a dip bowl. If you want to do something different, the anchor items don’t have to be edible. They just need to be decorative and add to the visual appeal. For example, it could be a Christmas or Easter decoration. A dip in the middle of the board, such as Nutella, jam or cream always adds to the appeal. Additionally, mixing up the ingredients with a variety of sweets, nuts, and fruit will ensure that everyone can enjoy it. Finally, color is so important. The more colorful and fresh the ingredients are, the more appealing the dessert board will be.

Next, place the dipping items on the board, For example, add the shortbread fingers, bread sticks, pretzels or marshmallows. You can dip these into the Nutella or cream. Then add the medium sized sweets/ treats. For example, dates, cherries, Tim tams or strawberries.

You’ll then look at filling in empty spaces with the smaller treats. M&M’s, and nuts are great space fillers. You can pile these up, giving a really appealing appearance.

Finally, add your garnishes. We’ve used sour straps on skewer sticks, but you could use herbs, candy canes or whatever you desire to match your theme.

dessert charcuterie board

Make Your Charcuterie Board Beautiful

Firstly, a colourful board is best. Many desserts lack colour, so you want to leave colourfully wrappers on lollies, and add fruit for colour. Opt for colourful marshmallows instead of white, and make sure that you have many contrasting colours too.

We like to cut our fruit into shapes, but sometimes there’s not enough time or it could be a bit tricky. Kiwi fruit is fairly simple, but we had a terrible time cutting watermelon into star shapes, and ended leaving it up leaving it off.

Furthermore, your charcuterie board needs texture. Build your board up so that it doesn’t look flat. And use all different textured food for your dessert board, including lollies, fruits, chocolates and nuts.

Finally, create balance on your board. For example, you can use different shapes and colours, but distribute them so that they balance. If you’re putting dark cherries on one side, add some dark dates on the other side to balance it. If you’ve got something really large to add such as big cookies, maybe move the dipping bowls off centre to balance it out. you can also repeat items throughout the board, especially if you’re opting to use a large board.

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