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Technology is changing the face of retirement. Older Australians are becoming increasingly tech savvy, adopting the use of smartphones, tablets, and the internet. But as most people do, retirees still remain apprehensive in the face of hackers and scammers.

Not only can people use technology to set up payroll deductions into their superannuation accounts, and manage their accounts online. There are apps being developed all the time so that people can track their investments, and budget.

Elderly man playing a card game on a table

To maximise the use of technology while saving for retirement and once you’ve retired, ageing Australians can access financial tools online that once upon a time they had to pay a financial adviser/ planner for. You can track expenses and formulate budgets while tracking investments and paying accounts.

Technology also allows retirees to plan holidays, communicate online with family and friends, survey their homes whilst they’re travelling with camera technology, and track their health and well-being. The options seem endless.

Increasingly, innovative solutions are being developed and through education, more and more retirees will get on board and utilise the use of technology to enhance their lifestyles.