Renae Diggles

November 16, 2020

How To Make Text Bigger on Your Technology Devices

Renae Diggles

November 16, 2020

People of all ages use mobile phones throughout the day. Whether you’re checking a text message or looking at your Facebook account, you’re probably on your phone, tablet or computer every day. Modern technology is everywhere, and we have no choice but to embrace it. But, staring at a screen can hurt your eyes and give you headaches. This is especially true when you have to strain to see the small text, and you’re constantly squinting. Have you ever thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could read bigger text so that I didn’t have to strain to see the screen? Well, here’s an explanation on how to make bigger text on your devices.

How to Make Text Bigger on iPhone & iPad

For those of you who have an iPad or iPhone, there’s a simple way to enlarge the text on these devices. Firstly, you need to go into your settings.

iPhone settings

Under Settings, you’ll find an “Accessibility” icon in the general section. Click on that next. Once you’ve moved to this screen, there’ll be a ‘Display & Text size’ option. Once you go to this screen, click on ‘Larger text.’ There’s a slide bar at the bottom of the screen that you can move across till you reach your desired text size. Finally, press the home button to exit the menu.

Also, on iPhones and iPads, you can place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart. This will magnify the section that you’ve stretched apart.

How to Make Text Bigger on an Android Phone

If you have an android phone, the operation to enlarge the text on your screen is a little bit different to an iPhone. Firstly, go to ‘Settings.’ Next, click on the ‘Display’ button. You’ll then have an option to change the ‘Font size.’ The options will be either small, normal, large or huge. If you’re struggling to see the screen, you’ll probably want to opt for the ‘large font’ size or a ‘huge font’ size. Some androids also have a function to make the text ‘Bold’ if you need extra magnification.

Android font size

How to See Easier When Using a Mac Computer

If you’re using a Mac computer, it’s quite simple to make bigger text. You simply need to hold down the Command button while you press the + symbol on the keyboard. Each time you tap on the plus button, it will enlarge the text until you reach the desired level of zoom.

How to Enlarge Text on a Personal Computer (PC)

Nowadays, many people use their tablets and phones to send and receive emails and to search the internet. But there are still those who have their desktops that they like to use. This is because they’re user friendly and the screens are often larger. But a larger screen display doesn’t always mean larger text. If you need to enlarge your text on a PC that has windows on it, you’ll need to go to the ‘Start’ menu which is usually in the bottom left hand corner. From the ‘Start’ menu you’ll need to click on ‘Settings.’ Then, you’ll go to the ‘Control Panel’ where there’ll be a ‘Display’ button. There, you’ll find a section that will say something along the lines of ‘Scale & Layout’ where you’ll be able to change the size of the text, apps and other items by increasing the zoom percentage.

Alternatively, some PC’s allow you to hold down the control button on the keyboard, while you move your mouse wheel backwards and forwards. Or you can use the track pad on the keyboard and stretch two fingers apart to zoom in.

If you’ve tried all of these functions and you’re still struggling to see the text and apps on your device, consider booking in for an vision examination with your local optometrist and discuss a plan of care and treatment to help you to manage your vision better. You can also search online for some great deals on optical today.

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