Renae Diggles

June 5, 2024

Travel Australia During the Retirement Years

Renae Diggles

June 5, 2024

Travelling throughout Australia is a must for seniors if you’re looking for warm weather and breathtaking coastlines. Rated within the top ten countries that offer the best cities for senior tourists, Australia is home to a number of beautiful local destinations perfect for a relaxed summer holiday. In fact, the index found that “Half of the top ten most spacious cities analyzed reside in Australia”. These included Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. With its vast, open spaces, great summer weather, and relaxed atmosphere from state to state, the country is filled to the brim with opportunities no matter how far you want to travel or which activities you’d like to try out. If you’re thinking of taking a local trip this summer, here are some top spots to put on your list.

The Great Barrier Reef

Well known as one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef is a must for those who haven’t experienced it, or who haven’t been in a long time. With the largest coral reef in the world, it’s a marvel of nature, home to golden beaches and clear blue skies. Despite being known mostly for its underwater activities, The Great Barrier Reef has so many options for the older generation. From whale and dolphin spotting to beach walks and capturing the magnificent crystal clear waters from above during a helicopter or seaplane ride, this is marine life at its best.


Filled with quaint seaside resorts, the Sunshine Coast is a unique stretch of Australia’s east coast. It’s home to picture-perfect beaches, forests, and lakes. With such an expansive area, it can be difficult to choose which resort town to unwind in, but one place that should be on the top of your list is Noosa. With inviting beaches, diverse national parks, and a rich arts and culture scene, Noosa offers an abundance of relaxing activities perfect for unwinding at the end of the year or revitalizing oneself in the new year. Take a stroll through the botanical gardens at Lake Macdonald and enjoy a range of seaside hotels and restaurants on offer. It’s the perfect coastal getaway.

When travelling within Australia, Hasting Street is arguably the greatest tourist destination in Noosa. It’s home to some amazing cafes and restaurants overlooking the picturesque beaches, and it’s home to the most spectacular national park where you can see the crystal clear waters from high up. Take a stroll through the national park to see some of Australia’s wildlife, such as Goannas and Koalas.

Byron Bay

On the coastline of northern New South Wales, Byron Bay is ideal for a holiday destination when you travel Australia. The Summer markets are extensive. There’s luxury accommodation and spas too.

Byron Bay and its surroundings offer walking tours through the hinterlands such as Mount Warning National Park. It’s a challenge but the view at the top is well worth the walk.

Furthermore, marine life makes Byron Bay a must-see destination. Between May and November, visitors are spoilt with views of the whale migration from the icy Antarctic ocean to the warmer waters off Queensland’s coast. Views are ideal from the Cape Byron Lighthouse, built over 200 years ago and easily accessible by car or foot. Byron Bay also has some incredible surf beaches and a spectacular hinterland. If you’re travelling with a caravan, Byron Bay offers several caravan and camping sites. The northern New South Whales coastline offers a range of accommodation options to suit anyone.

Margaret River

For the wine enthusiasts, Margaret River is one of Australia’s premium wine-making regions a mere three hours drive south of Perth, with over 200 vineyards dotted throughout the area producing some of the country’s best wines. The area isn’t only known for its wine-producing capabilities though. Catch the magnificent wildflowers during the springtime. There are over 2500 species that colour the countryside in shades of blue, green, yellow, red, and white. August to November is the best time of year to experience the wildflowers in full bloom. Take a walk through the coastal trails, rivers, forests, and even caves.For older Australians who need a break, you can’t overlook these destinations. Maintaining your independence as you age is so important for many. If you’re the full-time carer of a loved one, many of these destinations offer relaxing, tranquil surroundings. Why not consider taking some time out for yourself? Or better still, bring loved ones with you on your travels, and make it a couples getaway.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission.

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