Renae Diggles

January 19, 2023

Travel Australia – Melbourne to Adelaide

Renae Diggles

January 19, 2023

Australia is full of natural beauty and has incredible landscapes to explore. But far too often, the size of it is not factored into the equation when people plan a trip down under. It seems to be an impossible task to choose your destinations. Planning a trip from Cairns in far north Queensland, all the way down to Melbourne, Victoria is huge. But, it’s clear that when people travel Australia, they want to see the tourist destinations. From Uluru to the Whitsundays, the Gold Coast, and even Sydney Harbour. Australia has so much to offer.

Considering this, condensing your travel in Australia will enable you to take more in. When we say condense your trip, it is a small joke. Australia is so big. You can take a tiny snippet of this huge land, and still find that you’re travelling 1000km from A to B.

We’ve put together a bucket list trip for those who love to travel Australia. We begin in Melbourne and head along the Great Ocean Road. Then, venture along the Princess Highway into Adelaide. You’ll embark on some of the most spectacular sceneries that Australia has to offer along the way.



Flying into Melbourne to start your 1000km road trip is a great first point. Melbourne is a busy city, full of great food, the best cafes, entertainment and art. Depending on your timeframe, a few days in Melbourne is highly recommended.

If you only get to travel to Australia once in your lifetime, don’t miss Melbourne. Melbourne is a city that captures the essence of Australian culture. While it isn’t like sunny Queensland, it still gets warm. Also, there are some beautiful beaches to explore. Have you heard of St Kilda, and Brighton Beach? Why not add those to your list of destinations?

Melbourne has a very good public transport system with a Tram service to take you all around the city too. It is such a fun, busy, culturally diverse city.



For those who decide to leave Melbourne (as difficult as it may be), Lorne is a great first stop on your road trip. It sits along the Great Ocean Road and takes approximately 2 hours by road to get there from Melbourne. It’s a popular seaside destination for locals during Summertime, including many accommodation options. You might like to camp there, for the folks who enjoy the outdoors.

Cape Otway Lighthouse

Cape Otway

First inhabited by the Gadubanud people, Cape Otway is a must-see destination. It will take you a little over 1 hour to get there from Lorne.

You can enjoy the Great Otway National Park with spectacular waterfalls and forests. It is also home to a variety of wildlife. You can go on a great ocean walk and soak in some of Australia’s beautiful coastlines. And, if you do make it to Cape Otway, you have to go and see the lighthouse, constructed in the 1840s.

When time is not on your side, you’ll still get to capture the essence of Cape Otway by taking a day trip there.

12 apostles

Twelve Apostles

Another hour along the Great Ocean Road from Cape Otway, you’ll find The Twelve Apostles. They’re situated in the Port Campbell National Park. There, you’ll find this unique collection of limestone sea stacks. While you might be expecting 12 stacks, there are only seven remaining due to the force of the ocean. A must-see destination if you’re wanting to capture one of Australia’s most iconic spots.

It is a very popular destination, that includes 300 metres of pathways to viewing areas. So, you won’t miss out, and you’ll get to see these natural wonders from various angles. Plus, you’ll get to take all the photographs that your heart desires.



Continuing along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll end up on the Princess Highway. Approximately one hour from the 12 Apostles, you’ll be in Warrnambool. This will be the final pitstop in Victoria and the Great Ocean Road if you follow our suggested route.

Warrnambool has rivers to the east and west. There’s also spectacular ocean scenery with platforms to take in some whale-watching over Logans Beach.

You might want to bathe in the deep blue hot springs. Or explore the local maritime village. Whatever you decide, Warrnambool has the best outdoor experiences for you to enjoy.

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is next on the list. It’s situated in South Australia, and it’s a little piece of paradise. Here, you’ll find a secret swimming hole, with limestone, volcanic surroundings. Mt Gambier is an amazing place to go sightseeing. For the more adventurous, you can scuba dive at Ewens Pond Conservation Park. It’s breathtaking, with natural wonders aplenty. That includes the Umpherston Sinkhole sunken garden as well as Blue Lake.

If you decide not to drive to Mt Gambier, there are direct flights from Adelaide and Melbourne. have a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs.



For those who get the opportunity to travel to Australia, Robe is beautiful. It has many sandy beaches, cute cafes, and many boutiques. If you want to enjoy the local produce, there are some great places to grab the best, freshest seafood too. Or, if you’re inclined, you might want to cast a line and catch your own. If you eat one thing in Robe, you must taste the incredible local crayfish.

In Robe, you’ll find the Obelisk Coastal Trail too. For lovers of the outdoors, it’s a pleasing trail with a marina and historical ruins along the way.



Taking this journey, you’ll enjoy much of the coastline of southern Australia. But, the fun isn’t over yet. Adelaide has so much to offer as a city. While it doesn’t have the same pace as Sydney or Melbourne, it’s still a diverse seaside city.

You might like to take a cruise down the River Torrens. Or, take a stroll through the central markets. You could even enjoy a walk through the botanic garden.

Many of you might like to visit museums or art galleries. Others will enjoy a swim at Glenelg. But, for wine lovers, a wine tour of the Barossa Valley is a must. Adelaide has so many experiences available.

So there you have it! Our suggested route, takes you from Melbourne, all the way along the coastline to Adelaide.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission.

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