Renae Diggles

February 15, 2021

Top Makeup Tips for Over 50s Women

Renae Diggles

February 15, 2021

With video tutorials and an abundance of online makeup tips, learning how to do makeup has never been more simple. But, have you noticed that so much of the information out there is catering to a much younger demographic? Regardless of age, women want to look their best.

Where are the video tutorials for the more mature women? Let’s face it, we’re the ones that need it most. We want to enhance our maturing skin, and embrace our ageing. We don’t need to hide our faces with botox and skin-tightening skincare. Rather, we need to look after ourselves on the inside and the outside.

Looking after Yourself With Diet, Exercise & Rest

By exercising frequently, eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids, you’ll definitely feel better. And your skin will love you for it.  Also, getting a good night’s sleep will do wonders for your look, reducing those bags under your eyes and giving you a fresh glow.

woman drinking water

Sun Protection and Moisturiser

Start your day with a cleansed face, and don’t step outside until you’ve moisturised, hydrated and used an SPF50+. Moisturising and using a hydrating serum on the skin will reduce fine lines more than you may think it will. And wearing sun protection at all times is a must. Exposing your skin to the sun ages you more than anything.

Charlotte Tilbury magic serum

Must-Have BB Cream

Many women get over putting on a ton of makeup to walk out the door. If you’re going to a casual BBQ or popping into a friend’s house, why not even out your skin tone with BB cream? Putting the BB cream over the top of your sunscreen will keep you protected and give you a fresh, healthy look. Why not go natural with Nude by Nature?

nude by nature cosmetics

Foundation for Ageing Skin

I’m just going to say it. I’m a little biased when it comes to foundation. I absolutely love the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation. It hides every mark on your face and you barely need to use any. Most people won’t even need a whole pump of liquid. Others prefer the Hollywood Flawless Filter, giving your skin up to 24 hrs of moisturising and a more youthful look to your skin.

Flawless filter foundation

For Australian women who are over 50, the majority will have sun damage by the time they reach this age. With a foundation that has full coverage, you can hide those sun spots and dark patches. Due to sun damage, you’ll find that your chest, neck and face are different colours. One of the greatest makeup tips to remember is to match your foundation to your chest. This will give you a more even tone.

Remember to always go light on the foundation too. You don’t want it accentuating your creases, and clumping in areas where you’ve applied too much.

Use a Setting Spray

It’s hot in Australia, right? The tendency to use powder over your whole face is appealing as it helps with your makeup melting off your face. But have you ever noticed that powder tends to accentuate your wrinkles? It really does. However, there’s a great alternative to this. Setting spray is the hero of the decade. It sets your foundation so there’s no melting, no fading and importantly, no creasing!

Managing Eye Make-up

Firstly, look after your eyes with a good eye cream for an intense boost of moisturiser. “Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue Cream.” Softly fill in any bald spots on your brows, and brush your brows up. Then add a good quality eye primer to lock in your eye shadow. And stay away from anything shimmery. It accentuates wrinkles. So do matte finishes, that seem to sag with any of your saggy bits. Keep with neutral, soft-finishing products that enhance your eyes without being too harsh. And finally, if you can’t get false eyelashes, curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara. It will do wonders. We all love lashes, so choose a good quality mascara and make those beautiful lashes stand out.

Charlotte Tilbury pushup lashes

There you have it. Some great makeup tips for the mature woman. Remember that makeup isn’t just for young, fresh faces, and should be enjoyed at any age.

Charlotte Tilbury beauty secrets

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