Renae Diggles

December 2, 2020

Care-Giver, Thank You For What You Do

Renae Diggles

December 2, 2020

The Care-giver is a crucial addition to aged care in Australia. Without all of the voluntary caregivers, our aged care sector would be in a greater crisis than what it already is. Here’s a little poem, to thank the selfless caregivers of the world. We need them more than they know.

elderly woman sitting with family

A Poem  About an Amazing Care-Giver

What great work you do care-giver, making sure they’re ok.

Working your heart out for them on each and every day.

We’re blessed for you in the world, as one’s like you are so rare.

An angel sent you from heaven, giving those in need much love and care.

We know some days are better for you, and some days are much worse.

But you look for all of the blessings, instead of seeing things as a curse.

You are the caregiver, not asking for anything, not even any praise.

But the reward from your care-giving is seen in so many ways.

We know it’s tough at times, but try to stay upbeat.

Try to stay strong, get enough rest and put up your feet.

You can’t do it all, you’re only as good as you can be.

And you can do your best, which is more than enough for me.

A beautiful poem about the caregiver
Author: Unknown

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